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Противоположности / Opposites (2024)

Добавлено: 4-06-2024, 13:20
Supple beauty Betzz is limbering up with some yoga, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbian movie "Opposites" begins. She’s interrupted by sexy Sata Jones, who is enjoying a midnight snack; the two girls start bickering about their different lifestyle choices, but soon find themselves checking out each other’s body in a very appreciative manner. Sata sucks and pinches her sweetheart’s nipples, making them deliciously stiff, then peels off her skintight yoga pants, guides her into a full split, and starts eating her pussy. They move to the sofa, where Betzz makes Sata’s beautiful breasts jiggle as she licks and fingers her fervidly. Sata reciprocates just as voraciously, her skilful tongue and fingers driving Betzz wild. After she has an explosive climax, the lovers entwine their legs for some frantic scissoring, then devote their attention to giving each other overwhelming orgasms, their bodies and minds in perfect harmony.

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