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Talia Mint, Betzz - Perfect Together (15.12.2023)

Добавлено: 25-12-2023, 02:04
Gorgeous girlfriends Betzz and Talia Mint are evidently "Perfect Together." As Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbians movie begins, leggy beauty Betzz is helping her sweetheart get ready to go out, straddling her lap to put the finishing touches to her makeup. Her gentle touch grows increasingly amorous and the lovers are soon kissing passionately as Betzz’s hand slides between Talia’s thighs to stroke her through her panties. Pulling them down over her sexy ass, she starts to lick Talia’s pussy and asshole from behind, making her gasp with arousal. Talia’s nipples are diamond hard as she thrusts back to meet Betzz’s tongue and fingers, then flips over and savors the intense sensations as she’s overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm. Betzz sits on Talia’s face to get her share of the oral attention, grinding sensuously until a climax ripples through her quivering body. She dismounts and Talia resumes licking and frigging her to make her orgasm one more time, before they start getting ready to go out all over again.

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