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Хочу тебя / Wanting You (2023)

Добавлено: 4-11-2023, 06:08
Gorgeous Sata Jones is so frustrated that her cute roommate Zazie Skymm is absorbed in her phone. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbians movie "Wanting You" begins, the sexy brunette starts to touch herself inside her pajama pants; Zazie pretends not to notice until Sata gently caresses her silky skin. She can’t help responding to Sata’s kiss with growing passion, moaning softly as Sata sucks her stiffening nipples and strokes her through her silk panties, then peels them off.
Baring her beautiful breasts, Sata moves between the hot blonde’s thighs and begins to lick her pussy, spreading the succulent folds with her tongue. She masturbates as she sucks on Zazie’s puffy clit, thrusting her fingers into the wet heat to drive her wild. They switch places so Zazie can get her first taste of Sata, her voracious licking and sucking quickly working its magic. Breasts jiggling, Sata quivers through peak after peak of pleasure, then flips Zazie onto her back and straddles her face, riding to a powerful orgasm. She dismounts and resumes licking and fingering Zazie’s pussy from behind, giving her an intense climax.

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