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Запах желания / The Scent Of Desire (2024)

Добавлено: 25-06-2024, 05:41
Queenie Sateen was invited by her best friend, Ana Foxxx, to come along to a neighbor's party. However, Queenie's not in the mood for partying, because it turns out her boyfriend of five years has been cheating on her. Ana is totally sympathetic, and says they can just forget about the party - Queenie can stay over at Ana's place for the night instead… Gal Ritchie enters the bedroom of her girlfriend, Kenzie Taylor, and is amused that Kenzie still isn't ready for their date. Kenzie says that she likes to take her time so she can look good for Gal, and Gal assures her that it's okay... after all, Gal LOVES to watch Kenzie get ready. A woman, Kenna James, goes to the parent of her girlfriend, Dana Vespoli, with the goal of getting Dana's blessing to marry the girlfriend. Dana is warm and clearly thinks a lot of Kenna, but sees a sneaky opportunity to "taste the forbidden fruit." Dana strongly hints to Kenna that she'd like a sexy little romp, under the guise of ensuring that Kenna can "satisfy" the girlfriend. Kenna is surprised but receptive and determined, showing Dana EXACTLY what kind of satisfaction she delivers!

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