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Хобби раньше, чем мужья / Hobbies Before Hubbies (2024)

Добавлено: 1-06-2024, 00:53
Two wives, Kenna James and Blake Blossom, are about to get frisky when they get a call from a survey company. They decide to teach the pesky survey agent a lesson by agreeing to take the survey and sneakily having sex while they answer the questions! Emma Hix and Adria Rae have recently become fast friends through a shared hobby, scrapbooking. They briefly chat about themselves to get to know each other better. Emma playfully remarks that she wishes she had a boyfriend who was this easy to get along with, especially one she could share the hobby with... but it's REALLY hard to find a guy who likes scrapbooking. Emma jokes about dating Adria instead, but it turns out that Adria is open to it! Therapist Penny Barber is meeting with her patient, Kenzie Taylor, and does a Rorschach test as part of the session. But each time Penny shows Kenzie an ink blot, Kenzie mentions seeing women in them. Kenzie doesn't understand why Penny is showing her all these women, though Penny assures her that the images are just random ink blots and that Penny is seeing what her subconscious wants her to see. As they talk more, Kenzie realizes that she may have an attraction to women that she's never truly acknowledged before!

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