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Повторная попытка в старом колледже / The Old College Re-Try (2023)

Добавлено: 30-01-2024, 02:50
Travel agent Adria Rae is busy working in her office when her client Gizelle Blanco arrives. Adria welcomes her inside, apologizing profusely for what's happened. It seems that Adria had to cancel a trip she booked for Gizelle since the touring company had to shut down due to staffing issues. Gizelle's a little bummed since she was hoping that this group tour would be a great way for her to meet new people. Maybe all Gizelle needs is a little pick-me-up from her trusty travel agent! Sarah Taylor has recently gotten divorced and returned to college to complete her education. But she gets overwhelmed by the course load and by how much has changed, so an enthusiastic young student, Holly Day, helps her out by showing Sarah how to drop classes as needed. Once that's done, Holly strikes up a casual conversation with Sarah to find out more about her and discovers that Sarah is single. With this newfound knowledge, Holly playfully encourages Sarah to experience ALL the fun parts of college she missed out on the first time, including experimenting! Jayden Cole and Slimthick Vic, two house cleaners who are also a couple, notice that the house they are cleaning reminds them of their dream home. They start reminiscing about their dreams but it only ends up making them feel jaded. They try to resume cleaning but can't concentrate. Feeling like they need a little emotional boost, they decide to make love in the homeowner's bed as a way to "visualize" their dreams!

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