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Без горячей воды / Out Of Hot Water (2023)

Добавлено: 30-11-2023, 07:55
Chloe Surreal returns home from school and is stunned when she catches her stepmom, Lauren Phillips, having sex with one of Chloe's classmates, Jane Wilde. Not only is it a shocking sight, but Jane has been bullying Chloe at school because Chloe's a lesbians - why would Lauren have sex with Chloe's bully, of all people?! Kylie Rocket and her girlfriend Lexi Lore are frustrated, because Kylie's stepmom Penny Barber has a "no-closed-door policy" at the house, making it impossible for Kylie and Lexi to get frisky together. Kylie then comes up with a plan. Gizelle Blanco and her friend, Demi Hawks, are ready to become full-fledged babysitters. They decide that Gizelle's stepmom, Serene Siren, who is a registered nurse, can teach them first aid so that they can be more qualified. Serene is happy to give the girls a crash course in first aid, starting with using Gizelle as a practice dummy. But as Serene practices CPR on Gizelle, their mouths pressed together, there is a spark of arousal between them that Demi notices. Instead of being thrown off, Demi becomes flustered and flirty herself, wanting in on the family action!

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