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Настойчивый / Assertive (2024-01-11)

Добавлено: 26-01-2024, 15:32
Cute Brazilian babe Selva Lapiedra squirms and moans with pleasure as Amirah Adara eats her pussy skilfully. As Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbians movie "Assertive" begins, Amirah nuzzles her gorgeous Black girlfriend’s bush as she licks her voraciously; but their passion is interrupted when Selva’s phone rings. It’s her boss, and she has to rush off to work, leaving her lover angry and frustrated. But Amirah has a plan, and when Selva returns from work, she teaches her how to be more forceful by undressing her and pushing her onto the bed, instructing her to masturbate. Selva eagerly obeys Amirah’s demand to eat her pussy, spreading the luscious pink folds with her tongue, sucking her clit and fingering her to an intense orgasm. Amirah reciprocates just as avidly, working her way down from Selva’s stiff nipples to her juicy pussy and making her climax repeatedly. She straddles Selva’s face and grinds sensuously, wave after wave of pleasure sweeping through her quivering body. Spinning around into a sixty-nine, Amirah makes Selva orgasm again and gets a finger in her tight asshole as her reward.

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