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Осыпанный любовью / Showered With Love (2024)

Добавлено: 26-01-2024, 14:41
Sexy brunette Gia Tvoricceli is doing the laundry, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbians movie "Showered With Love" begins. Meanwhile gorgeous Charlotte Lapiedra soaps up her beautiful body in the shower, making passionate eye contact with her girlfriend across the bathroom. Grabbing Gia, Charlotte kisses her hungrily, sucks her nipples, then kneels between her spread thighs to lick her pussy. Gia moans softly as Charlotte sucks and laps at her clit, getting her really aroused before leading her to bed. Resuming her intense oral attention, Charlotte gives Gia a mindblowing orgasm, then straddles her face and grinds sensuously. She rolls onto her back and Gia licks her voraciously, driving her to a blissful climax.

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