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Слишком много хорошего в стрингах / Too Much of A Good Thong (2023)

Добавлено: 31-12-2023, 00:14
Rachael Cavalli arrives at her house, but can't find her keys to unlock the front door. She tries knocking on the door but there's no answer, even though her stepdaughter Chloe Surreal should be at home. Rachael goes around to the back of the house and spots Chloe studying while listening to headphones. Rachael's eyes are drawn to how sexy Chloe's ass looks in her tight little shorts. Chloe catches Rachael looking at her, and playfully teases Rachael for staring. It's clear that they're both horny now... horny enough that being family isn't enough to get in the way of having some fun! Shay Sights lectures her stepdaughter, Eliza Ibarra, because Eliza has been stealing Shay's used panties to sniff them. Shay says that maybe she needs to overstimulate Eliza by taking things to the next level... giving Eliza direct access to her PUSSY! While doing some cleaning, Siri Dahl finds a box of old family mementos. She calls her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, to the bedroom to come to have a look as well. Siri emotionally explains that she has a lot of fondness for these mementos since they remind her of a time when Madi was more affectionate towards her- something she misses dearly. Madi hears this and affirms that she DOES love Siri, and gives her a hug. As they hug, they realize that the feelings they have for each other are far too real to ignore. They resolve to create NEW memories together, starting with making love.

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