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Вы хорошо убираете / You Clean Up Good (2023)

Добавлено: 31-10-2023, 23:04
Chloe Surreal is grumpily manning a table at a school bake sale. Her stepmom, Serene Siren, comes by to check how she's doing but is surprised to learn Chloe hasn't made many sales. Chloe complains that things aren't going well, and Serene points out that Chloe needs to be more enthusiastic. To her surprise, Serene goes beneath the table and starts eating out her pussy. The pleasure helps Chloe to become less grumpy and more approachable. Serene is proud of Chloe because all of the baked treats were sold. Serene congratulates Chloe and then offers the best treat of all, sex, to celebrate. Syren De Mer is getting dressed for work while talking to her stepdaughter, Madi Collins. Syren finishes getting dressed and shows Madi her outfit. Madi is stunned; it's Madi's first time seeing Syren in figure-flattering attire, and it stirs something new deep down inside. That's when Syren suggests that they have a bit of fun before work! Cory Chase is convinced that her stepdaughter, Laney Grey, is sneaking her girlfriend into the house. Cory decides to get to the bottom of it by looking for evidence around the house. Cory soon searches under a sofa and finds sexy women's underwear that clearly belongs to the girlfriend, but when Cory tries to get out from beneath the sofa, she realizes she's stuck. Laney finds Cory's lower half stuck out from beneath the sofa. Cory is sure she's been caught, but, to Cory's surprise, Laney mistakes her for her girlfriend and starts eagerly eating out her pussy, though Cory has to keep up the ruse to not give herself away in You Clean Up Good!

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