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Запутанная эйфория / Tangled Euphoria (2024)

Добавлено: 7-06-2024, 22:34
Fresh from her shower, voluptuous beauty Amalia Davis drops her towel and starts massaging lotion into her gorgeous big breasts. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Tangled Euphoria" begins, Dave Candle watches appreciatively as Amalia puts on sexy lingerie that barely contains her luscious curves. Joining her on the bed, Dave kisses and caresses her as he starts to undress her again, freeing her lovely breasts from her sheer bra and fondling them adoringly. He peels off Amalia’s panties and strokes her shaved pussy, getting her very aroused before she moves on top of him in a sixty-nine. Dave’s curved cock soon swells to rigidity between Amalia’s lips as she sucks it while he eats her pussy. Spinning around, Amalia impales herself in cowgirl, her boobs bouncing in Dave’s face as she rides to a breathless orgasm. He flips her onto her back and fucks her with vigorous thrusts, her leg over his shoulder and her fingers dancing on her clit to intensify the sensations until her powerful climax triggers his, and he cums deep inside her.

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