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Невысказанное / Unspoken (2024)

Добавлено: 6-06-2024, 05:12
Cute redhead Leya Desantis is too shy to tell Yeri Blue how she’s feeling, but as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Unspoken" begins, she lets actions speak louder than words. Straddling Yeri on the bed, Leya kisses him passionately; she takes off her casual shirt to reveal sexy black lingerie and he lavishes attention on her beautiful breasts, sucking and pinching her stiff nipples. Freeing Yeri’s cock from his jeans, Leya strokes it and grinds on it before feeding it into her tight pussy. She rides energetically, her perfect ass bouncing as she slides up and down her lover’s thick pole. Yeri flips Leya onto her back and licks her to the verge of orgasm, then penetrates her in missionary and fucks her to a mind-blowing climax. Switching to spoons, they move in harmony, Leya’s fingers dancing on her clit as she trembles through wave after wave of bliss and Yeri fills her with hot cum.

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