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Больше никаких парней 5 / No More Boyfriends 5 (2024)

Добавлено: 5-06-2024, 07:14
Isabella De Laa and Ivi Rein – The girls are ready for a night in. They set the scene for seduction, with Isabella slipping into a slightly more demure outfit and Ivi doing the same. They climb into bed with a chess board and start playing until Ivy decides they´re done.
Molly Little and Xxlayna Marie – Molly is going to a costume party but is unhappy with her costume. She goes to her roommate´s room to complain. Xxalayna tells Molly that she could go to the party in a white bedsheet and any girl would want to bang her.
Candee Licious and Tiffany Tatum – The girls can´t keep their hands off one another. Just as Tiffany agrees to stay the night, her cell phone rings. It´s her boyfriend. Candee is taken aback, but game to keep on going when Tiffany announces that he just wants to watch.
Aiden Ashley and Hime Marie – Aiden and her co-worker Hime are enjoying some girl time. When Aiden confesses that she once was written up for going to work in a club dress after having had a one night stand with a woman, turned-on Hime wants to know more.

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