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Доктор-извращенец 6 / Pervy Doctor 6 (2024)

Добавлено: 5-06-2024, 07:12
He cares deeply... very deeply.
Kyler Quinn is constantly freezing her buns off. She seeks the help of Doctor Jay, who she trusts to have a remedy. Luckily for Kyler, Jay has just the chilly willies prescription – a good fucking!
Madi Collins goes to her doctor Oliver for her general check up and she discovers that her insurance has expired. Luckily, Doctor Oliver suggests an alternative form of payment!
Amber Stark visits Doctor Hardy complaining of weird reactions every time she and her BF have sex. Dr. Hardy suggests that Amber should have sex with another man in order to compare her reactions!
Ava Davis can´t stop sneezing, so she visits Doctor Mancini. The sneezes all started when Ava and her boyfriend broke up. The doctor suggests allergy meds or increase the amount of sex she´s having!

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