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Трудовой вклад 1 / Sweat Equity Vol 1 (2024)

Добавлено: 4-06-2024, 12:44
Influencing is getting to be a grind, and not the good kind. Kenna wants an experience that will make sparks, and she can't have that without some burning hot friction.Things heat up in the gym when Cayenne’s in the mix. This lithe, limber athlete gets frustrated at always working up a sweat with her personal trainer without it going anywhere. This time, she’s going after the physical, core-burning workout she needs. Alexis and all of her friends want to attack their self-defence instructor, but Alexis has a plan to take initiative. All she needs is a good excuse to show up after class... Slinky and sophisticated, Katrina is the comeliest up-and-comer in the LA real estate game. When a big-time buyer takes an interest in one of her listings, Katrina shows him some additional built-in features that come with this hot property.

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