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Прозрачные штанишки / Sheer Panties (1979)

Добавлено: 4-06-2024, 11:38
The girls model the various styles of panties and we are treated to a variety of panty show .Big John Holmes helps young ladies in Sheer Panties to discard them and hop on his happy hump hose instead.Follow the incredibly endowed and embarrassingly oversexed Kitten Natividad, as she takes you on a tour of delightful intimacy and blatant eroticism while encountering the sheer sensuality of "ShPa" Follow a panorama of sexual superstars as Kitten shows just how surprising an effect "ShPa" can have on the legendary John Holmes. You'll stare in disbelief as the 'giant' of the erotic cinema is turned on to even greater lengths, as he becomes a willing slave.....

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