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Секс между девушками 362 / Girl Girl Sex 362 (2024)

Добавлено: 12-05-2024, 02:29
"I like that I was shooting with such cute and awesome girls!" Ivi exclaims, cuddling in the afterglow with her new friends Madison and Yasmeena, who beam at each other with delighted smiles. The steamy threesome kicks off with eager hands reaching under t-shirts and stripping off tight shorts. Once the girls are wearing only silky thongs, they indulge their shared foot fetish with sensual three-way toe sucking. Then Madison and Yasmeena pull down Ivi's panties, and make her fantasy come true by teaming up to lick her pussy at the same time. Ivi's dreamy smile as she moans with her legs open is enchanting. All three girls flash cheeky grins as Ivi takes hold of Yasmeena's bare foot, and uses it to penetrate Madison, sending jolts of pleasure through her toned body. After Ivi and Madison suck creamy girlcum from Yasmeena's big toe, Ivi happily exclaims: "Who wants to sit on my face?". "Her!" Madison cries, pointing at Yasmeena, then touches herself as she watches the erotic tableau unfold before her. After enjoying deep licking and rimming in an array of flexible positions, the girls keep it simple for the finale. They spread their legs side by side and lovingly stroke each other's pussies, sharing rapturous orgasms that are followed by tender tongue kisses.
As Helena sits at the keyboard, filling the room with beautiful music, Adriana beams at her adoringly and exclaims, "I love to see you play!" Helena invites her to get cosy by her side for a lesson, but it's not long before they're passionately making out. Adriana's fingers move from the keys to Helena's soft breasts, then strips off her tight shorts, leaving her wearing only her stockings. Recreating a steamy movie scene, Adriana bends her friend over her knees to deliver loving spanks, as Helena moans: "It makes me so horny, wow!". So Adriana eagerly licks and strokes Helena's smooth vulva, giving her a blissful release. Helena tugs Adriana's thong panties to the side, and declares: "I like your pussy, it's so sweet!". The intimate compliments delight Adriana, who flashes a cheeky smile and asks: "Can I sit on your face?" Helena is thrilled, and pleasures herself while savouring her partner's delicious taste. Adriana gets so incredibly aroused, that she needs back-to-back orgasms. For the first, she manages to stay standing, as she's penetrated by Helena's skilled fingers, and her slender nude figure trembles in ecstasy. For the second, Adriana relaxes blindfolded in Helena's lap while being stroked, and gets showered with sweet kisses while she's cumming. "You are wonderful!" Helena sighs, as they cuddle.

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