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За гранью славы / Beyond the Fame (2024)

Добавлено: 7-05-2024, 00:49
Nikita Bellucci completes her last scene after a successful 6-year career in the porn industry. She has passed her entrance exam for a training center to work, in the future, in the medical-social field. At 27, she's a free, happy and committed woman. A post on social networking sites was followed by a flood of hate messages. Within days, the students recognized her, and the school's management was considering dismissing her. Far from remaining silent, Nikita turns her difficulties into a fight against all forms of discrimination. With their new production "Beyond the frame", Nikita Bellucci and Ludovic Dekan aim to bring society face to face with its contradictions, and to challenge us about the social stigma faced by actresses and actors.

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