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Вкус белого / A Taste of White (1987)

Добавлено: 16-04-2024, 00:46
"Searing, explosive interracial action is on tap in this feverish flick from 1987. The fun begins when sultry sex kittens Megan Leigh and Nikki Randall get together to relive some of their most sex-drenched memories. They both used to work as strip-o-gram delivery gals, and they always seemed to end up with the wildest gigs. Whenever the job called for a delivery to a buffed black stud, these wanton white girls were ready for action. There wasn't an ebony hunk that they couldn't handle – the better! Meanwhile, luscious black beauty Nina DePonca was happy to handle all the white meat that got her way! It's a non-stop interracial cavalcade of carnality, and it's sure to blow you away!"

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