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Шоплифтер 19 / Shoplyfter 19 (2024)

Добавлено: 3-04-2024, 07:26
Suspect is a black haired, adolescent female. She identifies herself as Alize Haze. She is detained after breaking a glass display case in the store. She claims it is because she caught her ex boyfriend with her best friend, but the Officer does not accept the excuse. To avoid potential jail time, the suspect agrees to follow Loss Prevention Protocol. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on March 11, 2020.
The suspect is an adolescent female with dark hair. She identifies herself as Kylie Rocket. After detainment, she admits to stealing a pair of glasses, claiming it’s the only stolen item in her possession. A search reveals she’s stolen several more sets of glasses and a pair of pants. The Officer on duty works out a deal with the suspect in the midst of an invasive cavity search. The rest of this case is classified.
Suspects are two blonde females, mother and stepdaughter. The younger suspect identifies herself as Ashley Lane. Upon detainment, the suspects begin coughing, informing the Officer that they may be suffering from coronavirus infection. As a result, the Officer dons a protective suit and conducts a thorough cavity search. He progresses to the more invasive portion of the search while wearing the suit. The rest of this case is classified.
Suspect is a brunette female. She wears a flower headband and identifies herself as Lilly Hall. She is observed damaging fur coats on store property, which she claims is part of an environmental awareness protest for Earth Day. However, the suspect is in a previous restraining order the store has placed on her for damaging goods in the past. To avoid jail time, the suspect makes a deal with the Officer. The rest of this case is classified.

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