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Это не мой дедушка! 5 / Not My Grandpa 5 (2024)

Добавлено: 27-03-2024, 09:13
When his stepgranddaughter comes to visit, Jay becomes concerned that she' s under the devil's influence and he decides to search her body for Satan's mark. What he finds is that Jackie just loves to have a good time!
A conversation with her father's adopted dad leads down some inappropriate avenues. Cecelia learns that grandpa has some naughty knowledge that she would like to learn too!
When her stepgrandpa catches Nella taking naughty pics for the internet he tells her he's happy to keep her secret as long as she lets him sample the goods!
When stepgrandpa learns that Harlow is only being attentive because she wants to be put into his will, he makes her a deal; she'll get what she wants as long as he has access to her body!

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