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Образцовое поведение / Model Behavior (1982)

Добавлено: 26-03-2024, 04:20
Stunning fashion model turned actress CINDY HARRELL (THE FINAL TERROR) stars in this insightful and glamorous look into the behind the scenes fashion world and the people who make it hot.
Fresh out of college, Dino, a photographer, and Richie, an advertising man, set out to conquer the Madison Avenue world of high fashion modeling. Passing themselves off as industry executives, they go to many wild and lavish parties where they hope to meet the right people to springboard them into success. But both discover the same obstacle standing in their way-love. Dino falls in love with the fashion industry's top model, Serina Warren (HARRELL), and Richie finds a wealthy sweet woman who steals his heart. Both women are out of reach but Richie and Dino will go to any extreme to capture their dreamgirls!
In the glitter and heat of the New York City nights, animal behavior turns to MODEL BEHAVIOR!

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