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Возвращение в седло / Getting Back in the Saddle (2024)

Добавлено: 16-03-2024, 07:26
Holly Day, a bride-to-be, is cleaning up after her bachelorette party with her best friend, Emma Magnolia. Holly is super thankful since Emma put together such an amazing party. It truly was one for the ages! But Emma is surprised- did Holly REALLY like this party..? Nicole Doshi and her best friend, Jewelz Blu, are hanging out and catching up. Nicole shows off her sexy equestrian attire, proudly announcing that she has picked up her passion for riding again after recently getting out of a toxic relationship. Jewelz is delighted that Nicole has gotten back in the saddle, so to speak, and gushes about how sexy Nicole looks. The two exchange some flirty banter, and lustful looks. Maybe it's time to get back in THAT saddle, too! Alexis Tae is hanging laundry on a drying rack because the dryer is broken. She gets into an argument with her wife, Whitney Wright. Lumi Ray, the handywoman who is here to repair the dryer, catches sight of the argument. Whitney angrily leaves the room. Alexis apologizes that Lumi had to see the unpleasant argument. Lumi is sympathetic, as Alexis explains that Whitney doesn't help with housework... and isn't giving her sex either. Lumi says that a beautiful woman like Alexis deserves better, and that if Alexis were HER wife, Lumi would treat her right.

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