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Я Поцеловалa Девочку 5 / I Kissed A Girl Vol 5 (2024)

Добавлено: 10-03-2024, 02:30
Lena Anderson and Maya Woulfe - Maya has a sugar momma that takes good care of her and being the good friend she is, she doesn't mind sharing. She tells Lena that she'll introduce her to Maya's benefactor, but first she has to make sure Lena knows how to please a woman.
Lika Star and Lovita Fate - Lovita gives her girlfriend a VR headset. Lika is so excited she immediately wants to try it out. Checking out some racy material, her fingers start exploring. Lovita enters the room, takes in the view and makes her way between Lika's legs.
Kiere and Simon Kitty - Kiere's boyfriend wants some sexy nudes, but Kiere doesn't want to snap them herself. After only a few snapshots, Simon realizes that she can't keep her hands off Kiere for one more moment.
Ophelia Dust and Ryana - Ophelia is trying to get some work done, but her girlfriend wanted her attention. Ryana is bored and horny, , but Ophelia tries to stand strong. Ryana tells Ophelia she's going to start without her, then peels off her thong to make good on that promise.

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