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Равный обмен / An Even Trade (2024)

Добавлено: 8-03-2024, 12:21
Cadence Lux recounts a true-to-life, personal story of the first time she experimented with lesbians sex. It happened with her high-school friend Melanie (Mackenzie Mace) when Cadence's parents invited Melanie to stay with them at a vacation rental one summer. Join Cadence as she recounts the details of one of the most defining moments of her life Mona (Freya Parker), a popular and athletic college student, is going for a jog on the campus grounds. Elsewhere on campus, Sophie (Gizelle Blanco), a smart but unpopular student, is being bullied. Their lives are about to cross paths and change forever Phoebe Wren (Anna Claire Clouds) is a famous actress and model going through an existential crisis after a public scandal. Ever since then, she's hidden herself away, putting her career at risk. Then one day, after ignoring multiple phone calls and texts, Phoebe walks downstairs and finds a cheerful stranger in her home. The stranger introduces herself as Piper (Laney Grey), a writer sent by Phoebe's management team. She's been tasked with getting Phoebe back in the public's good graces... and what better place to start than by ghostwriting Phoebe's memoires?

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