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Пристрастие к Бушу 2 / Addicted To Bush 2 (2024)

Добавлено: 4-02-2024, 06:06
Spencer and her man are enjoying a quiet afternoon of cuddling, but Tyler's roaming hands are taking things to the next level. As Spencer leans back into Tyler's arms, she can feel his erection growing, which fuels her own feelings of desire.
Chad and his wife Vanna have dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. Vanna takes her time getting ready, slipping into a lovely red dress with sexy lingerie underneath. But by the time she's set to go, though, they are both hungry for something else.
Freya is running late for an evening out. Rather than rushing to get dressed, she tells her man that since he takes such good care of her that she wants to take care of him. As she speaks, her hand rubs his hardon, leaving no doubt of her intentions.
Maya blindfolds her boyfriend and explores his body. She runs her fingertips over his pecs, then works her hand lower. Popping his hardon from his underwear, Maya delivers a stimulating handie but it's just a preview of the pleasure that is to come.

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