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Блондинка Этикетка #3 / Blonde Label #3 (2023)

Добавлено: 3-02-2024, 04:05
Blonde Label returns with four shots of honey-haired poison from DEEPER.com. Angel Youngs receives a warning about her new boyfriend from her whisper network, but the sexual possibilities of being with a sadist only excite her curiosity in Red Flags. Glass Castle finds Kendra Sunderland sequestered in her sugar daddy's penthouse and entertaining visitors in front of bystanders on the street below. In Silencio, the mouthy Lika Star learns that her dom would prefer that she is seen and not heard. And Lexi Lore decides that clothes really do make the man when shoes bring out her submissive side in Pussyfooting. Each woman discovers her own kind of mischief, so pick your poison and make it Blonde Label.

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