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Настроение / Mood (2024)

Добавлено: 29-01-2024, 02:12
The tension between sexy Simon and her cute girlfriend Liz Ocean is palpable, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic lesbians movie "Mood" begins. The lovers gaze at each other across the table, until Simon suddenly closes the distance between them and presses Liz’s face to her beautiful big breasts. Liz fondles and squeezes the natural wonders ardently, sucking her nipples to make her gasp with arousal. Tugging Simon’s panties aside, Liz licks her shaved pussy until she quivers through an intense orgasm, then fingers her to another. They switch places and Simon devours Liz just as voraciously, lavishing attention on her perky breasts and eating her pussy to an overwhelming climax. Adding two fingers in her juicy slot, she makes Liz orgasm again before they return to their original places, naked and breathless.

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