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Тестовый запуск пошел не так / Test Run Gone Wrong (2024)

Добавлено: 25-01-2024, 10:19
Married couple Kenzie Madison and Derrick Pierce are lying on their backs on side-by-side massage tables, towels dfucked over them when Cadence Lux, the gorgeous masseuse, walks in. When she gets a look at Derrick, Cadence seems to like what she sees, barely concealing her attraction as she bites her lip. Clearly nothing's going to stop Cadence and Derrick from hooking up, but can they be quiet enough not to disturb Derrick's napping wife?? Maddy May eagerly welcomes Seth Gamble, who is her wife's sibling, into her home. Maddy wants to give her wife a romantic gift -- a massage -- but is afraid that she's going to botch it. Since she's comfortable and familiar with Seth, who's also a very close friend of hers, she's reached out to him for some practice. Any thoughts of keeping things strictly platonic are soon thrown right out the window as they give into temptation, deciding to give THEMSELVES a little gift instead! Alina Ali is lying in bed with her husband, cuddling before bed. As they chat, they get on the topic of "hall passes". While the husband is open about who he'd choose to use his pass on, Alina is a bit more secretive... until she finally admits that she has a crush on a sexy client, Thrill, at the massage parlor. Instead of being mad, the husband encourages his wife to have some fun! Although Alina's not sure about it, she suddenly can't stop thinking about Thrill...Watch these lovely ladies in Test Run Gone Wrong.

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