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Климакс #3 / Climax #3 (2023)

Добавлено: 20-01-2024, 03:53
A luxurious villa in the hills, a couple ascends the stairs with determined steps. Alex Jones and Lilly Bell have been together for some time now, and today is the beautiful blonde's birthday. Alex has prepared a surprise for her that she won't soon forget. Lilly, both a little stressed and excited, has many questions on her mind. When her boyfriend asked her to wear only sexy lingerie under her coat, she thought he would just take her to a hotel for a weekend of lovemaking in a king-size bed, certainly not to an empty mansion.
Since they've been together, the two lovers have had the opportunity to "visit" quite a few hotels or make love in unusual places. So, Alex had to find a location and an activity that would truly surprise his partner. Although Lilly has already fulfilled some of her fantasies, she still has many more, and Alex is determined to help her complete her list. For now, all she wants is for Alex to take her right there, right now in that large empty room, knowing that someone could discover them. Even though he desires it as well, Alex has another equally exciting plan in mind. To reveal the surprise at the last moment, he needs to blindfold her.
Upstairs, the couple enters a room where Kira Noir, Maya Woulfe, Alexis Tae, Alexia Anders, Nathan Bronson, and Isiah Maxwell are waiting for them. Despite her blindfold, Lilly quickly realizes that she is being watched, and this situation excites her to the highest degree. She has long desired to participate in a real orgy, and Alex is about to make her dream come true...

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