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Залезай в мамину постель / Get In Step-Mommy’s Bed (2024)

Добавлено: 16-01-2024, 00:46
Freya Parker enters the bedroom of her stepmom, Christie Stevens. Freya tries to get Christie's attention, but Christie is sound to the world. However, Freya isn't ready to give up, so she keeps trying until Christie becomes fully alert... and exasperated.
Christie reminds Freya that she's all grown up now, so she needs to learn how to spend the night in her OWN room. But Freya insists that she can't get any rest on her own - she has too much anxiety from work. Freya pleads to be able to spend the night in Christie's bed just ONE last time. Christie finally relents, but tells Freya not to disturb her.
Freya lies down next to Christie but keeps tossing and turning, which prevents Christie from getting the rest she needs. Annoyed, Christie eventually lets Freya masturbate in the bed, in the hopes that it will finally tire Freya out. But Christie gets so aroused by Freya's masturbation that she starts touching herself as well, until they both get so turned on that they start having sex. It looks like they'll BOTH be staying up a while longer!

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