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Капля 4 / Drip Vol 4 (2024)

Добавлено: 12-01-2024, 04:10
If Gizelle and Eliza could be anything else, they would be the water in each other's bath. Watch the paradox unfold as two girls who are clean make each other so dirty.
A pool party for two finds Alexis and Winnafred squeezed into colorful swimsuits and practicing some synchronized moves. After that, it's time to break out the naughtiest pool noodle imaginable.
Vanna and Scarlett are showing off their beach bodies and flouting boundaries: these exhibitionists want everyone to see their unconventional attraction to each other.
The sand, the sea, the Sapphic passion: Sophie and Red are letting the sun warm their skin and sexual tension fire up their blood. When they're all done at the beach, they head poolside for girl-on-girl action in the open air.

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