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Флюиды 6 / Vibes Vol. 6 (2022)

Добавлено: 25-12-2023, 06:26
The latest stunner in Club VXN's lineup is a shy brunette named Stefany. Normally cool and composed, Stefany finds herself losing control when somebody else is laying out lingerie for her to wear and calling all the shots.

Leanne is in Greece for a few days to be painted by an artist. She's new at being a nude model, and this is her first private gig.
The intimacy between her and the artist is intense, and she can't help but break her professionalism.

What's the difference between "pretty" and "wow..."? When indecisive men visit her shop to buy lingerie, stunning salesgirl Eliza shows them the best way to get their money's worth... even if she's able to convince them to buy the whole store.

Sybil is an up-and-coming model who catches the eye of A-list actor Manuel during an exclusive VIP fashion show.
After initially refusing his advances, Sybil agrees to a date. When he doesn't try to push things, Sybil takes matters into her own hands.

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