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Princess Alice (Wedded Bliss) (2023)

Добавлено: 25-12-2023, 00:49
Stunning brunette Princess Alice invites you to share a very special day, as Sandra Shine’s erotic movie "Wedded Bliss" begins. When she’s exchanged vows with Alex Charger, the sweet newlyweds hurry to their hotel room to celebrate in private. Alice strips down to her veil and sexy lingerie before kissing her new husband adoringly. Unfastening her sheer white lace bodysuit, Alex sucks Alice’s nipples and licks her shaved pussy, making her gasp and squirm with arousal. She can’t wait any longer, encouraging him to penetrate her; he does so in missionary, fucking her passionately, then switches to spoons, making her perfect breasts jiggle as he plows into her from behind. Naked except for her frilly garter, the sweet bride licks and sucks her man’s thick cock eagerly before straddling him in cowgirl, making the bed rock as she bounces up and down. She sucks his cock voraciously again before impaling herself in reverse cowgirl, riding until a mind-blowing orgasm sweeps through her flushed and trembling body. The lovers keep fucking frenetically until Alice climaxes again, triggering Alex to shoot his load all over her glistening pussy. It’s the perfect start to their married life together.

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