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Утечки кадров 15 / Frame Leaks 15 (2023)

Добавлено: 22-12-2023, 21:17
Our friend Freddy Gong meets Martina Smeraldi, after some chat Martina makes Freddy understand that she wants to take him immediately, even in the bathroom of a shopping centre. After the first dose, Martina goes to Freddy's house and enjoys his huge phallus. Las Vegas is the backdrop to the second scene where Romeo Mancini takes one of his pornstar friends, the beautiful Latina Heather Vahn, around the strip in his convertible. After a bit of exhibitionism in the car where the desire rises and the two run into a room in one of the mega hotels in the city. A naked and masked man, Amandha Fox dressed in latex, with an anal plug who is led with a pearl leash into an all red and black room... a truly intriguing start to the last scene.

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