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Звезды 12 / Stars Vol.12 (2023)

Добавлено: 20-12-2023, 01:36
Lauren and Tommy may have only been a couple for a few weeks, but they are already madly in love with each other. What Tommy doesn't know yet is that Lauren is also an adult content creator. The day Tommy stumbles upon one of his girlfriend's videos, he also discovers that she is very fond of anal pleasure. A few days after this discovery, he decides to share his discovery with her to see how she will react... Sex is an integral part of Cléa Guerlin's life. When she met Ricky Rascal, she knew right away that this was the man she needed to live out her passion and fantasies to the full. Whether in the bedroom or in the shower, the couple leave no stone unturned to satisfy their desires. Alice has always been very independent and adept of the pleasures of the flesh. Even though she has already had the opportunity to realize many fantasies, she had never dared to try anal sex, until she met Tommy...

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