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Нежелательная / Unwanted (2022)

Добавлено: 25-11-2023, 01:06
Marcus (AJ) uses his step-sister Ariana's (Maya Woulfe) secret against her. Ariana got pregnant after sneaking out for a house party.
Panicking, she tells Marcus he can't tell ANYBODY and asks him to take her to a clinic. She begs for Marcus's help, offering to do anything.
An evil thought slowly grew on Marcus' face, he's going to get what he wants too.

Rick (Marcus London) and Glen (Jack Vegas), two buddies, reminisce about the good old days when they could get with girls as pretty as the cheerleaders they're watching on TV. That's when Sally (Judy Jolie) shows up to study with Rick's daughter. Rick gets an idea... Maybe there is a way that he and Glen can relive their glory days.

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