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Холодные ноги невесты / Fiance's Cold Feet (2023)

Добавлено: 31-10-2023, 03:28
Skye Blue is busy preparing invitations for her sibling's wedding when Seth Gamble, the groom, comes in. Skye has been working tirelessly to make sure the invitations are sent on time, and asks if Seth can help her with filling the envelopes. Seth is glad to help, and they get to the task. As they work in silence, Seth can't help but sneak glances at Skye, admiring her beauty. Seth can't handle it anymore, and admits his hidden love for Skye. In a reckless show of adoration and passion, Seth decides to cancel the wedding so that he can be with Skye at last. Skye admits that she too feels love for Seth, but doesn't want it to affect her family. Rather than cancel the whole wedding, she offers Seth an opportunity to get it out of his system and see if his feelings are real. They kiss deeply and soon throw caution to the wind, abandoning themselves to the forbidden desires they have kept hidden from each other for so long. Emma Starletto is reading magazines in her bedroom when her bodyguard, Codey Steele, enters to let her know the last perimeter check of the day has been completed. She grows frustrated- she knows Codey's job is to keep her safe, but does he have to check up on her every five minutes? One day, she tells him that she's noticed him staring at her and that, in fact, she's been eyeing him too. Why don't they cast their reservations aside and have a little fun together? Codey is tempted but resists his urges- Emma's safety is his number one priority, and he can't put himself in a position that will compromise that. Codey gives in, and they have passionate sex in the kitchen, living out all their forbidden fantasies that have been building up over the past weeks.

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