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Мамина Дочка 2 / Mommy’s Daughter 2 (2019)

Добавлено: 19-06-2024, 06:02
Syren De Mer doesn’t get any respect from her step-daughter Paige so she downloads an app that’s supposed to help. The app works better than expected and when she gets home Paige wants to do anything to please her step-mom.

Reagan Foxx is talking with her husband when her step-daughter Alina comes in and asks to use their bathroom. Alina needs help so Reagan joins her in the bathroom, but it’s not the kind of help Reagan expected.

Kali and her step-mother Christie go to therapy every week because they haven’t been getting along. When Kali mentions that she gives sexual favors to her mom, Charlotte is shocked but the girls show her how it’s only brought them closer.

Krissy Lynn’s taught her step-daughter Darcie almost everything. As Darcie heads off to college she mentions that she thinks she’s into girls but isn’t sure. Darcie wants Krissy to help her figure it out.

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